We will collect, analyze and utilize first-hand information from the field and from target communities to better design our action plans and strategies. We will work with women groups, professionals in the medical, juridical, vocational and counselling institutions to train and equip women/girls with life skills so they can in turn empower their households, teachers, civil servants, business persons, traditional leaders and all we find resourceful to our initiative.


Formal And Informal Education: Constantly organize exchange programs for both schools and non-curricular training centers to benefit women/girls and promote learning.

Scholarship and Internship: We will search for Scholarships, Internships and Exchange Opportunities/Programs to improve on exchange around the world.

Student Orientation and Support: Whilst carryout student orientation, we will research funding and other forms of support to our members in academic institutions and other areas of learning.

Online Education/Distance Learning Facilitation: We will work on strategies to promote Online Education/Distance Learning for Students who are members of, or belong to a group or network of GLOFEW.

Academic Follow-Up: We acknowledge the need for academic follow-up on students and learners especially those with special needs and high-end repeaters. Holding special talks with these groups of individuals will give much focus to the student and will instill hope for success in them.


We will foster development in the following areas:

Sustainable Development: Different forms of sustainable development as are identified per community through research and situation analysis, and as are identified by the people. Some areas on sustainable development will include;

  • Agriculture
  • Poverty alleviation
  • Technology reformation
  • Health and HIV/AIDS, Cancer awareness
  • women empowerment/employment

Community Mobilization: We will mobilize communities to examine and develop strategies for improving livelihoods in the various communities.

Personal Development and Life Skills Training: We will offer training skills and personal development assistance through workshops, periodic trainings and other forms of informal initiatives.

Open Talk/Media Sensitization: We will create media forums like Facebook, WhatsApp and website pages to actively and constantly engage women in public talk/media programs as well as seek forums like radio and TV shows to contribute such ideas as are necessary to promote development.

Development Exchange Initiatives: We will constantly search for exchange programs where local women can benefit from such knowledge as would provoke development in their communities.


We will involve victims/post perpetrators of violence who see the need to share their experiences as a drawback to societal progress. We look at the following areas:

Human Rights Education/Activism: Network and actively collaborate with local and international institutions involved in the teaching and learning of human rights.

Socialization: Bring together women/girls from far and near with common issues to dialogue and generate initiatives and strategies that would help limit the rate of violence in society.

Sensitization: Organize conferences, seminars, workshops on society, coordinated by women, thereby training them to take first hand positive action toward eradicating violence against women.